Dopamine lyrics


The Infested

Life won't satisfy, when you're always on a high
Brain plasticity warped and numb
Social zombie, that was I
Dopamine overload each day
Simple pleasures taken away
Persona and charisma deleted
Energy levels depleted

Dopamine, you and me
Sing together in harmony
You and I, until I die
You're always in the back of my mind
I think I'm going insane
Rewired my adolescent brain

Peeling the guilt once I'd done
Ashamed of what I'd become
A worthless existеnce of man
It wasn't part of the plan
Wherе was my drive and my smile?
No eye contact for a while
No instinct to engage
My brain was lazy this way

The buzz I feel, when it ain't real
Neuropathways, will you ever heal?

Happiness relied on one source
Getting that fix once indoors
A secret substance abuse
I really had no excuse
A filthy pastime when it started
I was young and the risks weren't highlighted
Moderation is key and I had none
I swapped reality for fantasy
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