Monsters lyrics


The Infested

Monsters, they roam our streets
And they're sniffing out, vulnerable meat
The naïve, they're groomed and used
You prey on them, and then abuse
You drug them, intoxicate
And in their stupor, don't hesitate
Brainwashed, to follow suit
No conscience, you're bullet proof

You committed your crimes, you did some time
But now you're walking up and down our streets free
You raped, murdered, attacked and molested
But it's your victims that are sentenced with memories
Scarred for life, and mentally, the justice system let you off lightly
You're the abuser, the self-satisfier, inverted hierarchy
The victims grieve, and carry the scare
Your terms reduced, with amnesty
You poor soul, we're led to feel
What trauma led to your ordeal?
No deterrent, what have you to fear?
The consequences just aren't severe
Wicked tormentors roaming on our streets, it's wrong

A new identity to keep you safe, whilst your acid victims are stripped of their face
Rehabilitation into society, child grooming monsters get a slap on the wrist
Time and time your self-satisfaction, outweighs your street-cred-like punishment
Prisons are full so you're left to roam and hunt, time and time again
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