SSRI or Die? lyrics


The Infested

An SSRI to stop the pain
To numb my head so I could play life's game
Beaming with confidence thanks to my pills
A new job promotion, I got the skills
Years of dependency slowly took toll
As the side effects outweighed the goal
I gave up the pills, back to reality
Withdrawal grabbed hold and set me free

Delayed vision and electric shocks
Violent outbursts, it was odd
Night sweats and panic as feelings resurfaced
Alarm bells ringing in my head every minute
I was a young diamond, shining bright with light
But I'm rolled in filth yea, something wеren't right
Social conditioning and low self-worth
A temporary fix won't clеanse the dirt

The guise and persona that I'd built was false
Now stripped away, my drive came to a halt
I'd covered up my problems, buried them away
Nothing addressed so my problems stayed

I tried to cheat my way through life
SSRI or die?
I tried to hide that I was broken
I tried to cover up my problems
I tried to lie to myself, yea
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