Ilse DeLange

"Deep Sea"

[Verse 1]
A lover comes, a hater goes
You're silent as the pain kicks in
You find yourself running
A summer lost, freedom gained
Somebody needs some new thick skin
A new sense of belonging

I know it feels like here comes the flood
But you're just a breath away from coming up

When you're diving in the deep sea
When you're driving with the lights out
When you're scared in the forest
I'll be with you
Gonna find you on the lost side
In the dark, I shed a new light
You'll be right where the love is
And I'll be with you
I'll be with you

[Verse 2]
A purple sky, a hurricane
I'll catch you when your walls cave in
Everyone's a little broken
When good things end and fear begins
When you're looking for your safe haven
My arms are always open
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