Ilse DeLange

"Old Sweater"

[Verse 1]
Put me away in a closet somewhere
Maybe 'til next winter comes
Then when you're cold and you're needing someone
You can wear me for comfort, dear
But now that you're flying and I am old news
There's so many new things to try
A list full of friends you can call anytime
There's no need to have me around
I'm just an old sweater in a dark closet now

Oh-oh-oh, why did you love me? Why did you care?
Oh-oh-oh, do you understand how we ended up here?
Oh-oh-oh, was it worth it all?
Went so fast, what is was disappeared
Went so fast, what is was disappeared

[Verse 2]
I told you, "I miss you" some thousands of times
I feel like I did way back when
When you were the only one I ever found
Who felt like a long-needed friend
But that is old news and you have moved on
You say that I shouldn't complain
You want things to be easy and quiet right now
And I am the stain that remains
I'm just an old sweater that you liked yesterday
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