Ronny J

"How You Feel?"

[Verse 1]
She sucked my di*k
She like licking on pickles
When she suck the di*k
She like showing her dimples
She keeping it sweet
I like keeping it simple
She popping that pus*y
Like i do my pimples
My di*k in her back
And i'm leaving her crippled
She walks with a limp
But her booty still jiggle
Laugh at pain
Cause you know how I giggle
I Whip out my di*k and I c*m on her nipple
(Tell me how you feel)
I feel great
Pump with a sawnoff
Make a n*gga run off
n*gga this sh*t
Was cake
f*cking on ya bae though
Building like a lego
When she get to moaning it’s an echooo
Break a n*gga ankles
Do it from an angleeee
You need insurance like geico
I send her Pics of my pickle
She texted me back
It’s her gato
Posted up without my vatos
You can get knocked out ya temple
n*gga just ketchup like you dropped tomato
I’m talking bout temple
I’m treating her gentle
I’ll make a n*gga go pay for my rental
I Slice em like kimbo
I’m all in your mental
You better watch out
Cause the snakes gonna get you
They moving in silence
Suppressors gon kill you
*beep beep*
Ex keep on calling me
Take out my di*k and she beat it
Then swallow it
I know a n*gga who take out your artery
I'm making money like I won the lottery
Spin on my di*k like we making some pottery
Stirring some Mac and cheese
pus*y be watery
Suck on my di*k
Sorry excuse me
I like speaking properly
Bag in my way
And I move it like pardon me
Look up this verse you can find it in glossary
Feeling like Jason
You gotta be kidding me
Chop off ya head
Put that sh*t through the guillotine
All of this clout
And the b*tches be feeling me
Two and a half
On ya b*tch like I’m Charlie sheen
My bars are fire
I lit em with kerosene
Slipped in the game
Like I’m covered in Vaseline
Deep in the pus*y I need me a submarine
I’m off of the earth
Put my mind in a quarantine

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