Ultra Naté

"Both (Remix)"

Legit life or illegal can't do both and expect no evil
Right path ain’t easy but the wrong path really gets greasy
You can be a good boy chilling with a bad boy
End up dead on the kerb that's sad
Killed by a boy that thinks he's bad
And his bad boy friend didn’t wanna do Jack
One shot at life
Not two like the habbad
Right path that's healthy like salad
Any wrong move on the wing like hazard
God won't give what he knows you can't manage
Trim that loss put your life in balance
Tryna do right in this world full of wrong
Really is a challenge
Challenge worth taking
Either that or bake off with bacon
Rock with the rock
That's the chance I'm taking
Cos he rocked my block now I Rock for the Rock
Tryna leave hell all quaking, How did he show me love When I showed no love
I was moving like Haman
Satan wanted man Med on the pavement
But never that please tell man why

Free fly aim high
Get up in the kitchen bake that pie
Don't worry bout the man wanna hold back slice
Got stew in the pot
Then cook that rice
Cook dat
Don't look back
Get up in the kitchen cook that
Get up in the kitchen cook that
Don’t look back
..need help God hook that x2

Cooking and cooking and cooking
Cooking and cooking and cooking
Want a looking get cooking Want a booking get to cooking Hard work is what it’s tooken
Long time I've been a rook
Peter pan Tryna look for a hook
Can’t run off my feelings
Flesh is weak and my spirit needs healing
I cannot settle for less I cannot settle for both
I don't want none
If I cannot rock with the Ghost Man bop with the Holy Ghost Lord of Host
Dead a vampire
No post
For me he's done the most Showed me love
When I tried play both
Now I don't look back why
Why ca I’m free free free
Free courtesy of JC
Dominion come
I cannot settle for none
They want me stuck in the mud Set in my ways
But I gotta give you the praise, Rocking with you ain't a faze, You gave me a taste
Made me want change up my ways
Man stay saved by grace
Man thank you for your mercy
From nursery they want me dead in a hearse g
Steal kill and destroy
But God's verses X out curses
Satan's plan got dashed in the can when I did his work
Got dashed in the can
Me I had to tune up
God was the tuner
He does up Both
He the Lion and the Lamb

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