"Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith"

The ancients have left us with majestic writings about the chaos in the universe, and how the interstellar battlefield can be seen as a war among the cosmic bodies across the astral canvas of space. A cosmic collision or impact being in essence an act of one God cleansing old territory or a massive black hole acting as the great Satan consuming what should be eliminated as an almost metaphorical act of war as one cosmic object destroys the other, and the laws of the universe reign a throne to the victor through its own form of violent bloodshed

In human context, sacrifice can carry you to a further plane, or a higher plane of existence expanding your own universe. Shedding ones blood for territory or a higher plane of existence in this life or the afterlife is nothing more than a parallel of what the universe does through its cosmic war for its own expansion, for its throne, for its place

However, the greatest expansion is when we expand our universe through spiritual bloodshed. The mind is the microcosm and inner space of the outer space, the extension of the chaos and wars among the gods all around us. Within our mind, our mental space, we are living the quantum mechanics and the controlled chaos of space which are the laws of gods; other times we are an extension of the chaos theory where nothing is predictable and where chaos does not mean disorder; it is simply a means of order towards something greater; it is what the laws dictate, it what the gods dictate

....because we are in preparation to join this ocean of stars. Those who came here and seeded us gave us a spirit that emulates space itself, and DNA that is essentially space dust; prepare us and show us what is beyond the zenith when we return to what was the force before darkness
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