[Chorus: CORPSE]
Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
Low-key wanna date me when you f*ck me (Uwu)
Touch me with the lights off and my chains on
Baby, I'm not the right one you should wait on

[Verse 1: CORPSE]
She a freak, lil' bad ho
Gaspare told me kill it, I said, "Let me grab my Death Note"
Uh, she pulled me in like a lasso
Sayin' that she know me, I don't even know her at, though
Ain't no daddy issues, then I won't even bother
She say I kill her cat like I'm Luka Magnotta
Real bad b*tch, pus*y bald likе Saitama
They used to hate mе, now they want me, b*tch, I feel like I'm Gaara
Uh, girl, you f*ckin' with a wrong one
f*ck his team, f*ck your clique, b*tch, I'm on one
f*ck your stream, f*ck your clip, you ain't saw one
Got your b*tch on my di*k like she want one

[Verse 2: Savage Ga$p]
Look and she got Death Note, dead souls, split dye, chain cold
Think I fell in love when she said, "Grab me by the neck," though
All through the night, colder than ice
Man, I swear these goth girls finna f*ck up my life
Bat wing fly like the moon in the sky
She just look into my soul with them Shinigami eyes
Coke in my nose and a blade on her thigh
Man, I think this girl is really tryna plan my demise
It's the pumpkin patch king with the corpse with the ring
And she'd f*ck my best friend if I die here today
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