Tessa Violet


(One, two, three)

[Verse 1: Tessa Violet]
It's 4 AM again
You think that I could sense a trend
I'm stayin' up too late just so I can stay awake
Wish I weren't so self-obsessed (Ah-ah)
Wish that I could be the best (Ah-ah, ah)
Excited with my words, but I'm nervous and I'm bored

[Chorus: Tessa Violet, Tessa Violet & MisterWives]
(Bored, hey!)
I'm so bored of wakin' up, I'm so bored (Bored, hey!)
Bored of what's inside my cup, I'm so bored (Bored, hey)
I'm exhausted by my heart
I'd feel good if only I could finish what I start
I'm so bored (Bored, hey!)
I'm never tired in my bed, I'm so bored (Bored, hey!)
Of these thoughts inside my head, I'm so bored (Bored, hey!)
Bored of bein' all alone
Just hopin' I'd find purpose in these pictures on my phone

[Verse 2: MisterWives]
My new habit of the week (Ah-ah)
Sayin' sorry when I speak (Ah-ah, ah)
I know that it's no good, there's no reason why I should
But it's stuck inside my head (Ah-ah, ah)
And I can't get out of bed (Ah-ah, ah)
I don't wanna be ignored, but I'm nervous and I'm bored
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