[Verse 1]
Oh, you wanna talk? Can't do that
Knock on the front door, they like "Who that?"
Ignite the C4, shoot him through the peephole
Kill him, no effort, yeah, you already knew that
I'm at the spot with cash, where you at?
Kill that lil' f*cker, yeah, I made a new bag
He wanna kill me, well I guess that's too bad
Police search, don't know where the clue at
b*tch, I got them right hear (Fa, fa, fa)
Right to his left ear
Yessir, yes, I left him dead here
And I got some more if the feds nеar
No, I don't care if they don't want it
Hear thе sirens I will not gun it
Up that choppa then run it
Feds hate me I ain't even want it

I left his body safe and sound, no, they will never find it
Evade the feds, paint the floor red , yeah, b*tch, that's perfect timing
Got so caught up in killing him, I don't know where the time went
Off that ho breast, she snort that sh*t, yeah, b*tch, that's where the line went

[Verse 2]
Ho, I got a sawed-off, I just might run on him to the head, point-blank, yeah, I shot him
He runnin' away, well b*tch, I got a scope, and I got a lil' beam, yeah, I got him
He thought he was smart so I lower his IQ, I get his ass gone, yeah, I taught him
He pull up on me so I strapped his ass down then I pull out that saw, yeah, I sawed him
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