Daniel Romano

"One Hundred Regrets Avenue"

No one seem to blush even in the numbing cold
She said I never felt the love from anyone I've known
And her ghost she always moves around the things you can't get through
The bluish barricades are broke into
At one hundred regrets avenue

Oh the lights out in the street they hang too high to even shine
As she scoures for the pockets that she lost out on the line
And the only wish to ever wish that ever could come true
Was to find a place to hide your face into
At one hundred regrets avenue

When I found her she was living on the thirty second floor
I had just gone up to dry my sweat on her side of the door
And I asked her when the sun falls is there anything to do
She said there's quite a viciousness in you
At one hundred regrets avenue

The only safety with me was a key to every lock
I heard someone inside her never get the chance to talk
And she said something often but it never sounded true
The truth's no use when no one could believe you

A glint of sudden wonder saw me down inside her eyes
She kissed me and her fragrance it truly took me by surprise
Then swallowed from my fantasy she tamed into a shroom
Her madness on my lips like heavy gloom
At one hundred regrets avenue

Oh and maybe lady some night soon
I find you again neath the horrible moon
And one more kiss of memory to live on you and me
Love is but a virus from the best girl on the street

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