Henry Mancini

"Lands End"

[Verse 1]
Been in the jungle for couple of months
Or maybe a week or two, I don't be keeping count
I just keep working until I get slumped
She fell in love and then she just got dumped
See, the circle of life is eternal
If galaxies dance in deep space for the show
Then I guess that my life's the rehearsal
My work here is earnest and maybe my fields aren't as fertile
But I've got a purpose
At least that's what everyone told me
When I was still learning just how to be normal
My head's always turning and tossing with thoughts far too often
I guess it's diurnal, I guess my life is a circle
And my chest is burning whenever I hop over hurdles
I'd turn to the herbal, but maybe I don't wanna become a gerbil
Like all of the other Steve Urkels
My blood's getting thermal, let's go and cut to commercial

[Verse 2]
Let's sit down and talk, is that cool with you?
I'm curious to know what's been new with you
I've lain in meadows that were beautiful
And sat with depression immovable
Visited Madrid and I lost everything that I had
All the fields that I worked for
Blacked out and I woke up on the seashore
Closed my eyes, all I wanted to was sleep more

[Verse 3]
Solo soy un hombre haciendo mi mejor esfuerzo en este mundo
But sometimes I slip up and sometimes I act like a dog
Like my first name was Cujo
Je suis ce que je suis, dit-elle beau
Kick my feet up up in the chateau
All my memories spread out, tableau
What's my life? Man I really don't know

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