"Out the way"

b*tch I‘m Lil cam
School was very hard
My b*tch was very hard

My block b*tches are harder
You don’t have options
Don’t talk

We taking it really hard
f*ck the teachers
I beat the case
Ain’t nothing fake
66 thousand on a date
I don’t need a case
Poppin the b*tch
Rob that b*tch
She don’t have a face
You can have the pus*y
I want the face
f*ck up the teachers
I beat the case
Shawty show me your face
Your fake ass
Go out my way
Imma will beat her face
On god
My crib 40 million
Ain't no fake
You need to go that way
Which way?
Cam way

Michael jackson dance
I‘m a dancer
Explain the teachers
They ain’t sh*t
Rob them
Lame b*tches tryna face
Face to face
She wanna have a face
I did the race
I‘m a rapper
I‘m a trapper
Do the dash
Get away
21 Savage
Ice get away
You a gangster
I‘m a ape
No pus*y aye
Meet Esri
In her case
I‘m counting
I woke up
To trump
50 shoots
To kill him
I‘m a killer
You ain’t joker
So go out my face
Kodak and Esri
Met me at the club
Young kodi
Instagram live
Show them the di*k
No cap
Esri ?
Don’t rob a b*tch
Unless you wanna have the face
I‘m a shooter
I‘m a murder
Sued the thousandth time
But I‘m still outside
Watch out for me
Cause the real Cam
Has no face

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