Mary J. Blige

"Dear Summer"

You know I treat it like the first time/
Approach smooth see the rise of Deshon’s shine/
Got no need to be nervous baby it’s showtime/
I dedicate this here to Summer cause she’s all mine/
Going live on the gram for a short while/
Just to show the kids the kid is back now/
I be racking up them pointers like I’m Stackhouse/
Made a killing in the paint come visit Shaqtown/

Taking it there whenever there’s a chance/
I’ve always felt this type of real would be in high demand/
I done been some places that I’ll never go again/
Crazy how so many people hate to see you win/

What I do them, I need answers/
Equations don’t get worked without knowing factors/
Knowing life’s a trip, I’m never falling backwards/
Came to prove that I can make a movie no actors/

Where they do that, tell em I’m back/
Nawfside we up next, came to put that on wax/
They ain’t gon like that but it’s cool/
Couldn’t be there first time they get hurt by the truth/

Nobody plays to lose, why would I start now/
Prospect too long I need the ball now/
Lately I been more ready than ever/
Shoot my shot from wherever, that’s that green light special/

This for all of my n*ggas who gave up squeezing a trigger/
Working on something bigger to prove they life can be better/
Got respect for everybody who reaching new measures/
Proven fact they can never hold you back less you let em/

Who would’ve thought, I’d still be here after wars I fought/
They ain’t show me how to do this here I’m self taught/
You can ask BigZoe this one take no parts, I’m gone..

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