"Reprise of Light / No Light"

Walk through the light and
Further on, forever after all
You're broken, hopeless
But you're nothing at the morn

You told your delusions
Wait in peace for one
Remind you who you are

So keep on forgetting
Floating in this river of
The endless light

You may go through the endless
Fields of lilies and forget-me-nots

Soon it all will replace the
Building's glass
And faceless concrete walls

Sun will shine on the azure canvas of
The sky that covers the horizon

So you lie on the grass and
Dream of staying here
For many many days and nights

Don’t you stop
Don’t you ever
Open your eyes
There is nothing else to see

You wake up
Just to find yourself beneath
The same grey sky
You’ve always seen

It's your turn
Play the game
Don't know your rules
What better way to learn

You return to the world
With no one at your side
No one at your side
And no one to rely on
And no one to rely on
So you sleep

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