Montana of 300

"ICON (Remix)"

Rap God the album dropping May 20th
And I got 'nother album dropping before that called A cold day in Hell, so y'all be ready for all that sh*t
FGE sh*t man
I'm what you call an icon living
C4 strapped and my timebomb ticking
On the stage speaking truth, through the mics I'm gripping
I became a millionaire using lifelines n*gga
Like I need to change my diaper and sh*t
No hook I could go off for a nice 5 minutes
I don't do this for the fame, I don't do this for the name
b*tch I do this for the motherf*cking lives I invented
Still remember how it feel, when we couldn't pay the bills
Hitting switches on the wall but the light's not flicking
Started making smart plays, made it through them dark days
'cuz the dreams I was seeing had night-time vision
Wasn't worried 'bout the shade, 'cuz my light shine different
Every punch out the box Mike Tyson with it
Money tall, used to ball, I was posted with the heat
I was good on the block, I was Whiteside with it
Cannon on me like a Tripod with it
Can't be lacking in the field they got pythons in it (haa?)
I done took a couple lives I admit it
And it's right in my songs just like John Lennon
Eddie Brock with the Glock, all black looking shy
So much spitting got a n*gga feeling like I'm Venom
Listen to me and you might start winning
You was hating should've taken that advice I was giving
Well according to the likes I'm getting
Hella hoes in my di*k, sh*t I might start pimping (ey)
I ain’t know that was your wife, I hit it
She blew on me so much, sh*t I might start cripping
No deal, still fly like a Priceline ticket
Bandana to my motherf*ckin Mikes, I’m dripping
I am not the best rapper n*gga, sike I’m kidding
They don’t make em like this, b*tch I’m Zion with it
We don’t know nobody like you
I ain’t off-white, cream on me albino
Play around, you gon’ see me go psycho
You gon’ see me air a n*gga, no typo
On my soul, I’ma slide like Michael
Dead man coming soon, no Bible
40 pointed at his nose like a rhino
Take shots to the face like a wino
The PCs was the hood I was raised in
Drug dealers move the rock like cavemen
Unsolved murders, really no investigation
The cops only care about it when you Caucasian
War-ready, been addicted to the training
I made it out the maze, now they calling me amazing
Self-made, self-paid, never gave in
When it comes to bars, I’m the n*gga they be praising
Rap god light em up like Raiden
I will son a n*gga, no Jaden
n*ggas know I got the crown, put more rappers underground
Than Big Tigger Rap City in the basement
I’m Aquaman, they cannot f*ck with the flow
They [?]
I’m MJ, LBJ, A.K.A. the GOAT
In the booth with my pole like I went out to vote
I’m in my bag, I got bread by the loaf
If I pop up with heat, then my n*gga, you toast
I roll up with sticks if they say they want smoke
b*tch, you bout to die, you ain’t bout to get poked
I stay with that iron ain’t got time for fighting
Don’t come out to box and get wet up like soap
Get wet like these tools when they bust like balloons
I brought it for you clowns just to see if they float
n*ggas wanna hate, I don’t give no f*cks
Johnny Depp flow, always know I’d blow up
Bruce Leroy how the boy glow up
Am I the best? They be like “Sho’nuff”
You ain’t heard about the rap god, go nuts
You don’t know a rapper in the game so clutch
I don’t even spit, n*gga I throw up
Making money in my sleep, big stacks, no bump
Lost a couple homies in my past, so what?
And the ones that quit on me ain’t have no luck
Big stick make me walk with a limp, no crutch
When I slide, you get whacked with a stick, no puck
I’m balling b*tch, you just sit in the stands
Chris Benoit sauce, I got rips in my pants
I pull up fly like I’m zipping my pants
I’ve been fly for so long, they like when I’ma land?
They say they a fan, they wish I was banned
Only I can match me, I’m the Gemini Man
You ain’t lit as I am
They say he’s armed and dangerous every time I got a pen in my hand
I will not sell my soul just to get an advance
I swear I got more will than the Michelin Man
b*tch, I’m the man, I been healing my fans
Before you get discouraged, remember your plans
If you heard my albums, I done taught you
There’s several steps to getting money, that’s a walkthrough
Record labels got you doing gay sh*t
Put you on with a loan, but your soul’s what it cost you
I speak the truth, I don’t mean to insult you
Independent, whole squad making boss moves
Rap god, punchlines so hard
Finna flow, when I’m done, you gon think a n*gga fought you
They say he so wild, do the beat so foul, the producer gonna wanna file a lawsuit
Gold clips when I Dance With My AK
So you know I had to Kill ‘em With the Sauce too
40 on me, run up on me, I’ma off you
Better change your route or you gon do what Randy Moss do
I killed your homie, just in case that n*gga lonely, Im’a send your ass to heaven so he got someone to talk to
The sh*t you stay in rented, you a tenant
Think you safe inside your home until I’m in it
I’m a real menace, f*ck Dennis
Goin crazy with the cannon, when I shoot Cole Bennett
Everything I rap, I really live it
Kill off every rapper with my snippet
Bout to make a movie, independent
Tell me Tony push it to the limit
Drive’s crazy like I’m tryna get a ticket
Fighting demons, battling the wicked
I was a menace to society
My momma getting high cause she in love with the Caine, Jada Pinkett
Lil n*gga prayin god take my moms off of crack
Young and dumb, told myself f*ck a job, I’ma trap
And if cheese is involved, you should watch for the rats
Everybody on di*k, my designer from Saks
b*tches want me up inside of that cat
No fronting, when I f*ck her, got her eyes rolling back
Play that tough role, you must want an Oscar for that
Word to Kanye West, n*gga stop with the cap
Hit his pockets then pop him, you get robbed, you get whacked
Try to run, like a bra you get popped in the back
f*ck the cops, f*ck the opps, and the guys that I whacked
n*ggas know I got bodies, tell me, why would I lack?
I’m dependent on none, only counting on my gun
Cause when Jesus died, wasn’t nobody watching his back
Barry Bonds with a bat, yeah I’m finna snap
Come down on ‘em hard like a lob up to Shaq
Like a lobster, I snap
I’m a monster, in fact
Never lied on the track, you just blind to the facts
This a victory lap, this a jog on the track
I am Godzilla back mixed with god on the track
So hard, I could make a train stop in its tracks
So true, Goku, spirit bomb on the track
Where his conscience be at? He beyond spitting crack
I’m a master at work, I have conquered the rap
If you hired Jay-Z and Eminem to write for and you resurrected Pac, still you not finna match

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