The 77s

"Flowers in the Sand (Alternate Mix)"

[Verse 1]
(You make a lot of money)
She makes a lot of time
Counts it out and hands it over to you
Never asking
Nothing in return
'Cause she trusts you
Believes in you, too
(You go around in circles)
She goes home alone
You could be there with her, but she's still on her own
(She's not looking for miracles)
She's just looking for love
All she wants is you, because that's enough

[Chorus 1]
(She makes it all so easy)
You make it all so hard
(You give her dirt and tie her to the earth)
She plants another flower in the sand

[Verse 2]
You got all the best excuses in the world
But they're not reasons
They don't even rhyme
(She's a good woman)
But you treat her like a bad little girl
(She's a loser)
In your little game
The victim of your big crime
(She's always trying to work it out)
You're only trying just to fit her in
To your self-serving plans and schemes
(She thinks you're worth it, so she hangs around)
And hangs another day on shattered hopes and
Battered little dreams

[Chorus 2]
(You trample down your dirt and harvest weeds)
Her love grows, and she waters it so carefully
(You scatter all her seedlings with one wave of your hand)
And she plants another flower in the sand

[Guitar Solo]

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