The 77s

"You Still Love Me (Alternate Mix)"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I come running
Down the mountain of love
You know I'd been up there
(So long)
But I couldn't get enough

[Pre-Chorus 1]
(I've been look, looking)
Checking my load, wondering how I pull it
(I've been talk, talking)
Talking out loud, talking to myself alone

[Verse 2]
Are you still waiting
For me to come home?
You know I can't stand it
You're there all alone

[Pre-Chorus 2]
(I've been run, running)
Running from love, thinking I'd had enough
(Ain't no fun, fun in)
Laughing alone and living on my own
(Am I done, done with)
Checking it out, baby, I got my doubts
(Got no love, love left)
Where can I go? I know I've wasted it

[Chorus 1]
I know, I know I blew it, baby
Show me where to go now
I gotta find us something better
Will you wait there forever?

[Guitar Solo]

Who can understand the heart of a man?
When his love grows cold, then his heart turns old
Full of pride, love denied 'til he dies inside

[Verse 3]
Love, love, love come running
Back home to my heart
Won't you stay right there inside me?
(Never, never)
Never to depart

[Pre-Chorus 3]
(Ain't done nothing)
Nothing at all, building a wall inside me
(You did some, something)
Good to me, now I can't be free
(Are you coming?)
Coming around to the new sound of my old footsteps
(You still love, love me)
You still love me

[Chorus 2]
I know, I know I love you, baby
And I know where to go now
I think I found us something better
We can be there forever

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