Beans On Toast

"The Sun, The Moon and Me"

I talk to the moon sometimes when I see her hanging in the sky
Sometimes she listens, sometimes she talks back through the night
A little voice inside my head, that’s how we communicate
I tell her all my secrets, all about my day
And how I think that we would make a wonderful team
The sun, the moon and me

And I’m not scared of thunder, lightning, wind or rain
I’ll take Mother Nature on a camping holiday
And we’ll swim in the oceans and climb in the trees
The sun, the moon and me

I worship the sun, when I see her shining in the sky
The mother of everything and the true giver of life
But I’ll gather up the courage and I’ll her out one day
There’s no harm in asking, I’ve always lived my life that way
I’ll take her out to dinner, introduce her to the moon
Maybe we’ll all get along

Bring on the thunder, bring on the wind and rain
Let the waters rise and let the waves come crashing down again
I wanna catch a shooting star, I want the world to move
I want me the sun and the moon
The sun, the moon and me x2
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