"Ape (Live)"

You were voracious apes

[Verse 1]
The beginning of all beginnings
The era of nonexistence
When the Earth wasn't the Earth
When our planet was a fireball
It was raining heavily for a thousand years
And now the fireball became an ocean
That cooking water, the primal soup
A natural life-giving potion

[Chorus 1]
This substance strove to find a way
To create another form of miracle

[Verse 2]
I brought a myriad atoms and turn them into your flesh
Regenerated through destruction and chaos
While the young world was sculpting itsеlf
No one could notice how you stroke a diffеrent pose

[Chorus 2]
Voracious ape who walks upright
Who deserts life to satisfy his appetite
Don't you remember you were the size of a bean?
Now what a shame to wear the name of a human being
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