"Perennial (Live)"

This autumn feels like funeral to me
The longest song of grief
And not for what has passed
But for what shall last

[Verse 1]
Exhausted nature is so tragic and suicidal
Oh, how spectacular she is when she kills herself
Death throes are slowly crawling to her toes
As the last leaf is falling off her head
I'm here with her undressed
With a few petals on my breasts
We shared opiates and let the landscapes do the same
I love your warmth but yet prеfer to sleep in cold alone
We fixеd our eyes up to the sky
To see a flight send us farewell

May we see each other next time
So please
Come back to celebrate this festival of life
Then as now fly
Today you reached the point of no return
Now cry and then die
Tomorrow I will meet you with your cells restored
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