Erick Sermon

"Head Banger (Remix)"


Roll with the Hit Squad
Roll with the Hit Squad
Parrish Smith gettin' wreck
Roll with the Hit Squad

[Verse 1: Parrish Smith]
Ka-rank the boombox as my sound knock from blocks
As I chill, and bust grills you take snapshots
Of the maniac, dressed in black, alright I'm strapped
Kid you play me too close (slow down and catch a cap, POW!!)
'Cause I don't play games, an outlaw like Jesse James
To hell with the b*tches and the so-called fame (uh-huh)
Strictly biz to hard (kid yeah) as I climb charts
Bustin heads daily as I compose like Mozart
Just stand, say you're mad damn, why him?
ZL1 Targa, five-sixty Benz
I'm sinking mad deep no shorts and no sleep
I'm bugged like a tapped phone, hard like concrete
So get a GRIP and don't SLIP or catch a CLIP
From the infrared aimed at your head as I blast my TARGET
The Bozack, I rip up flows that
Make an MC stop and chill and say HE'S ALL THAT
Hardcore no R&B singer
Roll with the Hit Squad... down with the head banger


[Verse 2: Erick Sermon]
SURPRISE, A man with the green eyed is workin'
But sounds makin' danger, and black birds chirpin'
A real Damian, Omen possessed by the devil
You dig the rhythm, and I'll play the RUNNIN REBEL
Changed my style, so I can freak the funk
Yo pass the Philly, HIT SQUAD spark the blunt
I got the power, to ramshack a stadium
WUBBA WUBBA, even Julie Brown at the Palladium
Yo, I'm from the Boondocks so I knows the flavor (yeah, yeah)
Sometimes I curse but now, I show behavior
EPMD, YO, is in this to win this
No jokin', I'm gettin' paid fully
You wanna buy the cassette? Stop by Sam Goody
YO WHERE'S MY HOODIE? I wanna be hard and cause some ruckus
Talk with the b-boy slang and blast some suckers
(Walk like an Egyptian), but packin' my steel
Plus E Real Deal
As taught as a kid or told, NEVER TALK TO A STRANGER
Cause I could be a head banger


[Verse 3: K-Solo]
I'm the original rap criminal (yeahhhhh)
My shots, spell spray (hoo-ahhhh) duck means my trigger finger DIGITAL
My gun’ll make men admit, they should dip when I get mad
And p*ssed cause I can make him my TARGET
Braggin' em taggin' em draggin' em mad hollow-point rhymes in my mic
Choose Smith or assault over Magnum (huh)
So back up off me, here's a clip
For uzis and guns, and then you faggots gonna OFF ME
I'm sure you know the deal that my nine can box
I knock punks out quick like Evander Holyfield
More rhymes than music's, my solution
Subscribers of my style here's a contribution
Let's say you want a shovel layer parkin MC's like cars
And drivin' MC's away
Tanks gon be full, to rappers wanna tempt me
I break the steer shift and leave em EMPTY
'Cause they can't go, who's gonna roll with K-Solo?
To come tow truck your weak SIDE SHOW
Back on the scene is the incredible one man team
When I get mad I turn GREEN
The Fugitive's gone peace, I'm outta here later
And here's a finger, to all you non-movin' spectators


[Verse 4: Redman]
The original P-Funk funks you up
I take a hit from a spliff then I get biz with the NEW CUT
Because I can Jam like Teddy if you let me
A good fella but still rugged like Joe PESCI
My style is mad funka-to-the-delic with the irrelevant
sh*t that I kick backflip semi-full b*tch (yeah)
Deduct and I dip then I SWITCH
To an incredible n*gga with a *nickle* nine on the hip
I always got played by a honeyDIP
But now I'm on the money TIP so now I call the honeydip honey b*tch
And swing hardcore because that's where I come from (yeah)
I Rock ya like Chubb, and burn scrubs like a dum-dum
Remember Redman, last album I was Hardcore
Now I'm back to tear the frame out your assCRACK
'Cause I get wreck, with the tec, with the blunt or Moet
And what you see is what you get and what you're gettin' is your
ASS KICKED, n*gga, hit you with the funkdafied figure
Like A plus funk, funk times stuffed in your back trunk PUNK
Yes the Redman that's what they call me
Wicked with the style you think I have cerebral palsy
Like AAIEEAHAAA, cause I freak the styles crazy
Lullaby your stupid ass, ROCKABYE BABY
The Funkadelic Devil hit your ass with a level from the new school
And still holdin' my jewels!

[Hook 3x]

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