Don’t Worry MackTonite - prod Erick Sermon lyrics


Erick Sermon

Whoever thought they the nicest is
Treats for ya ear boi
Haha ya ha
Well its the jibbity jab flip vocab
Macalicious and im so delicious
Im the sick of this brick brick of this hypnotist
If you feelin this thats good I hoped you would
For the hood biggie shoog if he could but he can't
Sickem champ if he amp ima calm that down
After dat get him out ima bomb that down
Got a problem air it out god im here right now
Word to gunplay, I talked to god on sunday
I thought that you was made by hunday
Ya cheap plastic cat, I know you dont get asked for dat
Dont ask who casilat, its macs
In the club full of bub were in the tub with some siamese chicks
With the bubbles get and high and these lick boiii
Get ready for thе big comeup
Que the sun up youll gеt done up
If you runup against the funk flame
Dont worry bout mac tonight boiiii ha
Dont worry cause mac tonight wooow boiiii ha
Dont worry mac tonight boiii ha
Down now im mac
Just like the sun got a parlour
When im much to hot to follow
Be hot as much tommorow
Ease clutch both throttle
Did one eighty two in the bens
Ask diggem himself ain't got time to explain myself
sh*t im mac and the whole gang of sh*t come along with that
Black chicks that dont know how to act
Or dummy cats that think I can't rap
But the dawn is back
With the army in back blackworld
You can try to harm me
Or swarm me my dudes will attack
Living out in queens gave me food for the rap
So its back to big dreams cause you lose with the crack
Official missile inna coffin ima sit you
Doctor death wanna die ill assist you
Box you left with the right gonna get you
Hot to death wanna cry heres some tissues
Whoever thought they the nicest is
Ima show you what the nicest is
Mac bang funk from here to the doors of heaven
A v12 with the engine reving now lets ride
Dont worry bout mac tonight boii ha
Dont worry cause the mac tonight boiii ha
Raps about the progress
As I turn up the heat couple notches
You would have thought them drez was sasquatches
You whole subconcious knows your raps nonsense
Its like the floodgates been opened or something
Any cat with his hat back can talk about nothing
Then he sat with a contract and just start fronting
An every lame cat who named mac ain't my cousin
Superstar can't carry guns no more
Had to give em to my man to carry
Take care of me cause I take care of family
So you never have a chance to even aim it at me
I hopscotch to the top notch of the pile
Bought a wristwatch with six rocks and a moon faced down
Key on the spot but getting hot ain't my style
Homerun and the crowd go wild
Dont worry mac tonight boiii ha
Dont worry cause the mac tonight boiii ha
Dont worry mac tonight slay slay slay slay
Ha ha ha ha ha…...
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