Alicia Keys

"Truth Without Love"

[Verse 1]
Such a nuisance tryin' to kill all the loose ends
Tell me how the truth became so elusive
Them illusions from the fusion, the intrusion
Contusion, you got me confused, man
Wish I could change everything, oh
That you're all in my zone, [?] ain't the same 'cause
Wonderin' if I'm still the same girl (Wonder)
The girl you knew before she came up (Wonder)

[Chorus 1]
What if I was you?
What if I was the saint?
What about the truth?
Runnin' around with no shame

What if I wasn't Alicia? Would it please ya?
How would I feed ya?
What it's to you, I was just a leecher
Why would I need ya?
Why would I need ya, yeah?

[Chorus 2]
Tell me why the hell is somethin' wrong each mornin'
Tell me why the hell I had to write this song
Even when I [?], honestly, I'm wrong
Oh, well [?]
Tell me why the hell I had to write this song
Tell me why the hell there's somethin' always wrong
Even when I'm [?]
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