If It’s Cool with You, I’m Cool with Being Through lyrics


This Wild Life

Ain't it a shame that we can't love what we break, breaker?
Am I to blame for this whole mess that you've made, maker?
Bloodshot eyes, bruised up thighs. You were out all night again
The spit in the sink, it's been red all week. We've been fully falling apart

If it's cool with you, I'm cool with being through

Gave you my best, you gave me chills. But you were fake, faker
Love in spades, what a lovely place. I still can't erase her
Broke your heart, broke my lease. Promises I never keep
See you in the mirror, see you when I sleep. Closure is closer than you think

I am broken, I am down here on my knees
Too much emotion, too little of the things I need
I am cautious to let another lover in
I am noxious, your love it left me with the spins

Your love it makes me sick
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