We Go (English Version) lyrics



[Intro: All]
Oh-oh, oh
Oh-oh, oh

[Verse 1: Winter, Karina]
The moment that I've been waiting for
Is finally knocking at my door
This is for me, this is my time
I'm running into the great unknown
Don't know where it leads, but I'm gonna follow
The answer could be just out of sight

[Pre-Chorus: Ningning, Giselle]
I can feel the fire burning in me
Like the sunset on a red glowing sea
Will I sink or get caught in the tide?
Will I swim if I keep trying I might?

[Chorus: Winter, Giselle]
Discover whole new different world, ready say "Here we go"
Together to the farthest places (Oh-oh)
There's a magical adventure ahead if we go
Wherever our destiny takes us
You don't have to be afraid anymore
Spread your wings, believe you'll rise up and soar
[Post-Chorus: Giselle, All]
We go, we go
Oh-oh, oh
(We go, we go)
Oh-oh, oh
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