"A Different Kind of Human [Booklet]"

These two sister albums has taken another piece of me. I am so grateful to be able to preserve it in the shape of music so the world can keep it safe. Even after I'm gone.

Thank you to my family for always inspiring me. For showing me how to love and be loved. Thank you to Magnus for always being by my side, to Askjell for being a friend and to My Riot for being the two strange English men that you are.

I am proudly anointing myself more loudly this time as a producer of both sister albums together with some wonderful (very helpful) help from Magnus, Askjell and My Riot.

Thank you to my manager Geir for believing in me and thank you to my manager Emily for always listening. Many thanks to Olivia and Ryan for letting me live out my visual dreams and a thousand hugs and kisses to Petroleum, Decca and Glassnote for letting me make this album in peace and then helping us all make it as good as possible.

And last but not least. Thanks to all of you. All the strangers, but yet close people out there. For the patience you give me and for making this journey mean something more. Thank you for giving my words power. For listening.

Please listen to this album with care. Dive into its lyrics and use the words as a weapon to change this world for the better. I cannot do anything without your help. So thank you for helping me on this mission.

I give you my heart and soul.

It’s all in there.

Much love,
Your dearest AURORA

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