John Legend

"Conversations in the Dark (Violin Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Talk, let's have conversations in the dark
World is sleeping, I'm awake with you, with you
Watch movies that we've both already seen
I ain't even looking at the screen
It's true, I got my eyes on you

And you say that you're not worth it
You get hung up on your flaws
Well, in my eyes, you are perfect as you are

I won't ever try to change you, change you
I will always want the same you, same you
Swear on everything I pray to
That I won't break your heart
I'll be there when you get lonely, lonely
Keep the secrets that you told me, told me
And your love is all you owe me
And I won't break your heart

[Verse 2]
On Sunday mornings we sleep in 'til noon
Oh, I could sleep forever next to you, next to you
And we, we got places we both gotta be
But there ain't nothing I would rather do
Than blow off all my plans for you
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