Introduction (Live) lyrics



[Verse 1: Terry Kath]
Hey there, everybody
Please don't romp or roam
We're a little nervous
'Cause we're so far from home

[Chorus: Terry Kath]
So this is what we do
Sit back and let us groove
And let us work on you, yeah, mm

[Verse 2: Terry Kath]
We've all spent years preparing
Before this group was born
With Heaven's help, it blended
And we do thank the Lord

[Chorus: Terry Kath]
So if you've nothing to do
Sit back and let us through
And let us play for you

[Instrumental Solos]

[Verse 3: Terry Kath]
Now we put you through the changes
And turned around the mood
Wе hope it's struck you different
And hopе you feel moved

[Chorus: Terry Kath]
So forget about your troubles
As we search for something new
And we play for you
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