Emmy The Great


I created a language today
To describe how bored I am
It's been "Zega and darking today
Fromige, whoosh, sham"

As the blizzard grows I understand
That I won't see the ground again
I thought that respite was at hand
Winter chokes the daffodils

I ate the neighbours cat last night
But I had to darling
If I leave this room my bones will shatter
Do you wanna see me starving?

I made a macaroni necklace
I played with my toolbox
I found a firework in the basement
I set it off

If you had a heart, you'd call me
And let me know the time
'Cause I would try and sleep
If only I knew the night was nigh

Will you comе and read to me soon
I can't see a thing
Sometimеs a breeze will shake the blinds
Wretched light bleeds in
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