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Dean Blunt

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Introduce RAVEN, a young up and coming musician from South East London, who when we meet him has already suffered "divine" headaches for three years. Divine because they take him to the supernatural realm of the revelatory, away from Babylon, the beatific: to the very presence of Godhead. Like an LSD trip minus the chemicals. His condition has given him a
Certain dreamy detachment

Enter the dilemma: RAVEN’s headaches arе becoming epileptic in naturе, temporal-lobe seizures, and are potentially caused by a malignant tumour above his right ear
If it is indeed cancer, the prognosis for survival is bad

The doctors dismissed the symptoms for years, blaming marijuana usage. RAVEN was given antidepressants and referred to a psychiatrist without any further medical tests or examination. Psychiatrist suggested lifestyle and PTSD as the
Cause of this mysterious illness
As symptoms become aggressive and physically debilitating, the situation is urgent
Following a much fought for MRI scan, stage 4 brain cancer has been suggested as the cause. RAVEN would rather die now than
Have to watch himself lose everything

Before growth or healing can occur, there must be destruction and total annihilation of everything you thought would bring you happiness

The story starts on the afternoon of March 4, as he decides to stay up until the following morning to hear results of a recent biopsy to confirm diagnosis. He is visiting a SPIRITUALIST for help
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