One of Us lyrics


Stephen Flaherty

[Lina Mekane, spoken]
Lina Mekane here with a channel six exclusive
A surprise challenger has been found to face off against Apollo Creed in his January first championship bout
And he is none other than Philadelphia's own, Rocky Balboa

[Male reporter 1, spoken]
Rocky! How'd you get that name?
The Italian stallion?

[Rocky, spoken]
Oh, I thought it up myself
It rhymes, you see? Italian and stallion

[Male reporter 2, spoken]
Do you have anything derogatory to say about Apollo Creed?

[Rocky, spoken]
Derogatory? Absolutely. He's the greatest

One of us
Is talking to the cameras
One of us
Is waving to the crowd
One of us

This guy from out of nowhere
Is gonna get to go where
None of us ain't allowed
One of us!

[Lina Mekane, spoken]
Arеn't you a little ashamed, Apollo, of taking on an underdog who has absolutеly no chance at defeating you?

[Apollo, spoken]
Ashamed? Hell no, this is America, girl, the land of opportunity
Plus, my main man Rocky here, he's I-talian

[Lina Mekane, spoken]
So, what does that mean?

[Apollo, spoken]
It means, that if he can't fight, he could probably cook up a great ravioli!
Always been told that I'd never amount
And I always believed they was right
All of my life, I've been down for the count
Up until tonight (tonight...)

...One of us
Is standing up for Philly
One of us
That Philly won't forget
One of us
Is starting up so humble
Will he rise or will he crumble?

[Apollo, spoken]
Come place your bet!

Nobody gets a shot like this
Things never work out fair!
But here is the living proof, there's a prayer
Even for the losers, even for the bums
Now and then, a miracle comes
To one of us (Rocky, fight from the heart)
One of us (Rocky, fight from the heart)
One of us!
[Rocky, spoken]
Yo! Adrian!

[Adrian, spoken]
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