Some Introductory Chat lyrics


Stephen Flaherty

[Blue-Footed Booby, spoken]
My fellow friends, animals, birds, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and assorted creatures
Thank you for coming along to support in such — splendid numbers this highly, very extremely, wonderfully worthwhile cause. I don't think any of you — especially the wrestling posters among you — and I can see at least five from here — none of you need reminding about the perilous state of our Wrestling and Boxing competition of 2014 (Twenty-Fourteen). The sooner we can get this money raised for the repairs, the sooner thеy can get up there and gеt at it!
(She leads some brief applause.)
We're very grateful therefore to everyone concerned about this contest of boxing. And no more grateful are we to anyone, than to our guest in the morning, the one and only Walrus!
(The sea lions clap to us leading another round of applause. The Walrus starts to acknowledge it but before he can do so, the flamingo bangs the gavel making us quiet. The Walrus steps back rather than putting out and lurks at the edge of the stage. The flamingo, unaware that the Walrus has even appeared, continues.)
But before I introduce him to you, there are one or two people I do have to
Thank you for making this evening possible. First of all, firstly, the Ankylosaurus who needs a roaring introduction, Bumpy for allowing us the use of this wrestling floor — if she's here, could she stand up, please? Yes, there he is, Bumpy the Ankylosaurus. (Continues to list all the animals, birds, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and assorted creatures during speaking with a buzz of excitement.)
And now, here he is. please welcome the one and only boxer, Rocky!
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