You’re the Aquatic King! lyrics


Stephen Flaherty

[Apollo, spoken]
Fantastic! Now, why don't you all practice on that and we'll be in great shape? Sandy, I need your help more than anyone

[Blue-Footed Booby, spoken]
You certainly do, Jack. I had the most terrible vision

[Apollo, spoken]
That's splendid

[Blue-Footed Booby, spoken]
No, it was about your boxing. There was smoke and fire

[Apollo, spoken]
That's not my boxing. My boxing contest is filled with karate and fighting and this--my boxing outfit. I want you to make it

[Blue-Footed Booby, spoken]
Apollo, please, listen to me, it's going to be a disaster! But you're the Water and Aquatic King

[Apollo, spoken]
Not anymore. And I feel so much better now

[Blue-Footed Booby, spoken]
Apollo, I know you think something's missing. But... (Gasp!) Hurry up! Call for security!

[Mouse 1, spoken]
Here they come, get ready!
(The animals and characters that appeared include the penguins, the lionesses, the zebra, Rafiki, the gorilla, the raccoon, the dhole, the fox, the Asian elephant, twelve gazelles, the tapir, the saola, the ferret, the leopard, the sea lion, the monkeys, Roadrunner-sama with the otter, Kaban, Serval, Iris, Sonia, Daabi, Kyururu, Serena, Goh, the wolf, the snow leopard, the jaguar, the flamingo, the raven, the two antelopes, the giraffes, the cheetah, the red-crowned crane, the camel, the polar bear, the hippo, the rhinoceros, the hyena, the jackal, the peac*ck, the Tyrannosaurus, the Hatzegopteryx, and the crocodile still appears with the addition of birds including macaws the secretary bird, the marabou storks, the puffin, the pelican, the white stork, the bald eagle, the widgeon, and the vultures.)

[Zazu, spoken]
What's going here?

[Jo, spoken]
The whole kingdom is coming
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