Donell Jones

"Karma (Payback)"

(Verse 1)
You gotta' know...that it's over
I leave all of me, my heart is empty
You promised you would change
You said forever you and me, Huh
Look what you've done to me
I'm torn apart...
I'm picking up the pieces you left of me
How selfish could you be
(How could you do this to me...)
I gave you the world
And you still cut me deep

(Verse 2)
I forgave you when you cheated
I guess it didn't mean a thing
No more excuses
I packed your bags, they at the door…
Cause I'm through with you
Can't bеlieve the things you put mе through
I gave you all my lovin' and this what you do
You gon' get this Karma, Karma…

(Pre Chorus)
Karma… you end up losing everything you love
You got the KARMA, Karma
You 'bout to get it...
You gon' get this KARMA, Karma
Ain't no escaping that
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