Walter Egan

"Hot Summer Nights ’81"

There was a time, not too far gone
When "Night" came and sang my song

About the bands and the things we'd done
Soon our life story hit number one

Return with me to a time and place
When me and John, Chris, Tom, and Ace
Were legendary in the streets and schools
In a band called The Malibooz

In the gyms and the dark hot rooms
With all the kids dancin' to our tunes
It felt good when we'd get it right
Rockin' through the hot summer nights

Hot summer nights
Hot summer nights

Upon a time once times were best
In a band we were not like the rest
And all for one till we reached our goal
We played it hot and we played our roles

But now it's all just memories
All the gigs and my buddies
Movin' on their chosen way
Far away are our high school days
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