Evan Olson

"Classic Heart"

She grew up watching the TCM channel
Where Bogart and Bacall are in style
Hip hop and metal never tickled her fancy
She had the oldies station set on her dial
She bought her dresses at the vintage store
All the second-hand mart
She couldn't help feeling this way
She was born with a classic heart

She drove her grandpa's old '57 Chevy
Convertible with whitewall tires
You couldn't reach her by a text or an email
It was those those rotary phones she admired
She took a job at the music store
Selling vintage guitars
No one could stop her from feeling this way
She was born with a classic heart

Some people live their whole lives
Dreaming about yesterday
But when you look in her eyes
You wouldn't want her any other way

I took her out on a Saturday night
To a diner on the edge of town
I wore a bow tie with a velvet tuxedo
She wore a Valentino evening gown
We talked for hours about everything
As we gazed at the stars
I knew she'd always be feeling this way
She was born with a classic heart

And I fell deep from the start
For the girl with a classic heart

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