Dave Rodgers

"All Nite Long"

I'm a lucky star
You know I'm going crazy for you: I feel so good
You will take my heart
I want to show my feelings to you: my love is real

You stay with me tonite
I wanna treat you right
I'll never let you down
Won't let you go around
I waited for so long
I know you're getting hot
Let's start to dance tonite
And watch your dancin' with me
You dancin' with me, dancin' with me

You really give me something
You really drive me crazy
I just want you to take me ALL NITE LONG
I really love you darling
I'm really gettin' crazy
I really want you to take me

I don't waste my time
Because I know you feel in your heart hot love for me
I want make you fly
Tonite I'm gonna kiss you all the time we spend together

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