High Speed Games lyrics



Crib cold, Father gone
It's 2 kids in that car-seat, I'm wondering what went wrong
I'm him but I been c*cky, they stoppin', they couldn't just watch me
I'm doin' this sh*t like Ali', outside, I ain't been home
I keep on dodgin' feds, "This jail-time," In my head
I do think 'bout them red flags, It's no peace, I ain't dead
I'm way too powerful for my age, I best I'm killed
So many thoughts inside one brain, but his motivation is gettin' the bread

You f*ck every n*gga you want, you still ain't gettin' no money
You can run up a hundred, in all blues, that don't change you ugly
I can f*ck off a million, in all cash, they still gon' think I'm country
I done built up a rap sheet, all bad, they won't trust Go for nothin'
Tryna pin me, yeah, no Insta-cash, since I ain't wanna read thе books
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