Frank Wildhorn

"The World Has Gone Insane"

The world has gone insane
And parasites are eating at my brain
And nothing is the way it was before
A pack of wolves is howling at my door

I'm living in a nonstop nightmare dead man's dream
Filled with screaming pain
Hurling me to mad extremes
In a world that's gone insane

The world has lost its head
And every evil hour is filled with dread
I'm floating on a lake, but upside-down
And every time I breathe, I start to drown

I cannot speak as nameless ghosts and faceless ghouls
Bid me join the dead
No one tells these gruesome fools
That the world has lost its head

Fiendish creatures leave their graves to taunt me
Old friends risen from the dead to haunt me
Godforsaken images that daunt me
Drowning in an endless flood of blood

The world has gone berserk
And hiding in the murk, new monsters lurk
I see a sea of snakes of snakes upon the floor
I see the reaper grinning at my door
I scream in silence, bad is good and good is bad
Sacred is profane
And it's wiser to be mad
In a world that's gone insane

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