This World Will Remember Us lyrics


Frank Wildhorn

Well who would've thought that a waitress from Rowena
Would have had the balls to bust me out with my old forty-five?
And who would have thought that a farmboy from Telico
Could outsmart the smartest lawman and walk out of here alive?

My name is gonna make the hist'ry books
Too bad I won't be here
I may have started out with small-time crooks
In a year or two, I'll be as known as Chicago's Al Capone

BONNIE (spoken):
Bye, baby

CLYDE (spoken):
See you soon, sugar

Thanks to you, Bonnie babe, I can make plans again
I got lots of reasons to keep livin'
It's true that love can set you free
And this world will remember me

TED (spoken):
What do ya mеan "she's gone"? When?
EMMA PARKER (spokеn):
Last night

TED (spoken):
With who, Clyde Barrow?

EMMA PARKER (spoken):
No, that boy's in prison

TED (spoken):
No he's not, he busted out

You said you'd go straight
Clyde, I wanna be in movies
I can't name one movie star
Who's doin' robb'ries on the side
I know in my heart, babe, that Hollywood is callin'
How can I be in the spotlight if we always have to hide?

We'll need some dough to get to Hollywood
One or two jobs should do

But after that, we will be done for good
Babe, when Hollywood gets hold of you
They'll be sayin' "Clara who?"

No need to rush everybody gets our autographs
"Hell of a ride!" will be the words on our epitaphs

Two livin' legends that's what we will be
And that's okay with me

Every place that we go, folks'll turn their heads
They'll be hollerin' from Dodge to Denver
We are the pair that they'll discuss
Yes, this world will remember us

We are makin' dang sure that we leave our mark
You don't leave your mark by diggin' ditches
No wonder we're who they'll discuss
Yes, this world will remember us

This dag world will remember us

This cold world will remember us
No way they won't remember us
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