Mitsuko lyrics



[Verse 1: imylia]
My n*ggas gon' get you erased
I aim for the top of the head when I see you
Itachi Uchiha, I see through the fake
You came with a blade just like Finn, like a human, Adventure Time
My boy, he still with the jakes

That was a lie, you ain't gettin' no pape'
Eatin' these bullets, we makin' 'em sway
Keep thinkin you hard you look good on a spliff
I walk you down we ain't doin no diss
Dogs in the cut, we at furry convention
Hollow tips
Twin asked you how that

Ask and Chris
b*tch im puttin that whip in reverse
Say you're gonna press, we really know that you're not
She like a fiend waiting for the drop
Finna kick it like Bruce, n*ggas drop 'em off
It's just a bruise, n*gga, walk it off
Turn into Zeus, n*gga, shock 'em all
b*tch in the stu' with me goin' off
He got hit with that tool, n*gga was in awe, huh
I'm feelin' sick in this b*tch
DisneyXD, I put kids in this b*tch
I call up [?], he spot 'em, he got 'em, the last thing he saw was some wicked sh*t
My b*tch in all black like she Batgirl
[?] pretty, petite, with some macros
We ain't kill for a fight, if she not with the talkin' but she give the neck like [catgirls?]
[Verse 2: LAZER DIM 700]
f*ck!, f*ck!, f*ck!
Left out the spot and no I'm not tryna come back
Said you want smoke boy you shoulda never done that
Shot my lil' fire and this b*tch tryna shoot back
f*ck n*gga hang, why that f*ck n*gga do that?
Told the opp f*ck what they sayin', I'm like screw that
You shoulda knew you wasn't that, boy you knew that
f*cked up all my munyun, I had them blue racks
f*cked up all my munyun, I had them blue racks
I'on know why lil' bro want smoke, he a cool cat
High as f*ck, runnin' in the house, where the food at?
I'on got no hoes, I'on know where the move at
And my lil' Glock stuck to me like I glued that
f*ck, f*ck, f*ck
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