Took Em Down lyrics



(Man, that pus*y b*tch was somethin', ay)(Oh my god)
Yeah, uh, yeah (Huh what?)

[Verse: BredGawd]
Let's play that game where you get your gang took (uh yeah)
All that map but playing game where you get your chain took
All that bat, (Yeah) Yeah he talking crazy n*gga hold on let's just push the facts
He say he getting chickens hold em drawn but that n*gga look flat (flat)
f*ck 12, where I f*ck with Tom Brady like a Quarterback (oh yeah)
I say imma run through all these hoes like I'm a Running back (oh what?)
b*tch she tried it, she won't f*ck with me need, me a stylist (yeah)
b*tch off crack, pus*y n*gga thought we were gran baby
That pus*y b*tch got left (oh yеah)
Yeah, they thought I was school shooter thе way I'm evil up in my bag
I got n*gga who got mad lips when n*gga go right, he's a crash (huh yeah)
pus*y stay up all night late he steady di*k riding n*gga f*ck (f*ck)
This sh*t all the trendy wave you pus*y n*ggas tryn' act sad

[Verse: LAZER DIM 700]
Me n' lil gang can't go out bad if fye go hit yo logo
Skinny jeans fitted, and my T-shirt Polo
Drop yo ass like Pogo, b*tch, I want my mojo
Drank my 'migos slo-mo
b*tch don't bring me on your first lick, n*gga that's a no-go
And I push up solo, can't bring li twan no more
Got this 9 like Tony Romo, man uh-uh he think he jiggering out
Hollow tips n' fye, Yeah I'm a junkie i can't tell no lie
Put on that drill get fly, Zaza get me- Zaza get me high
Come to the back of the village, come to the li side
2 Clips for the Dracos, Zaza got me fried
I can't even drive, Rensby in the power money ain't a power
f*ck, f*ck, f*ck
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