Katelyn Tarver


[Verse 1]
I think I've figured it out
Finally found the reason why I keep you around
I think I'm seeing it now
I'm addicted to the feeling of you letting me down

Yeah, I know about all my issues
I know that I shouldn't miss you
But I can't help the way that I feel
Friends say you should know how to pick 'em
They call it some kind of syndrome
Guess I just get caught up in the thrill

You don't call me
For three days
Keep me guessing
And then text me
At 3 a.m
When you're lonely in her bed
I'll be in my car in a half a second
I know that it's wrong and that I'll regret it
But when you're sweet, it's foreign
And it feels like heaven
Ah, ah, ah, heaven
Ah, ah, ah, heaven
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