The Flying Pickets

"Love Is a Wonderful Thing"

Birds fly, they don't think twice
They simply spread their wings
Sun shines, don't ask why
Or what the whole thing means

Same applies to you and
We never question that
So good it's understood
Ain't no conjecture, it's a matter of fact

Love is a wonderful thing
Makes you smile through the pouring rain
I'll say it again and again
Turn your world into one sweet dream
Take your heart and make it sing
Love love is a wonderful thing

The only thing that a river knows
Is running to the sea
And every spring when a flower grows
It happens naturally

The same magic when you're in my arms
No logic can define
Don't know why, just feels so right
I only know it happens every time

And when the cold wind blows
I know you're gonna be there to warm me
That's what keeps me going
And our sweet love will keep on growing
Just keep growing

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