The Flying Pickets

"The Warning"

Lying in my room
One winters evening
Watching faceless people passing by
The neon motel lights outside were flashing
When somethin' moved in the corner of my eye

And I thought woh

And as I looked around
I saw a stranger standing
Through the dark I saw the cold light in his eyes
He said, come with me it's time to stop your crying
I'm gonna show you all the suffering from your lies

And I thought woh
Ah -Ah - Ah - Ah

When he reappeared
I saw that he was laughing
At a picture by the bed of my true love
With my fallen tears he sat and wrote a warning
He said you're lying in a sea of flesh and blood

And I thought woh

So beware my boy
You know I'm always with you
Standing right behind you reaching for your goals
But between us both we know that you've been lying
May the silence put it's arms around your soul

And I thought woh
Yes I thought woh

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