I Rule lyrics



Won bi iya eyan
I rule the world
Ati ti oje bo olosha lowo oku baba Eni tiobo x2
I be human being like u are
But am a superstar of one a kind
This generation is already mine
Agbajo owo lafiin so aya
Binu ba se si ao ba maka
Moti gbakadara kosifoya
Always happens when the battle line is drawn
My eye open now for your creative yet to come
Ati ti oje bo olosa lowo oku baba Eni tiobo Wonbi iya eyan X2
Orogun ni furo kose fomo
Te ba ni mokuna oku yin oku won
I always give you my suggestion
No be my fault to get Ur option
Before u act up I know the solution
I rule your word in all dimension
Omo if act up I go show u action
No be only gongo aso check traditional
Atiti oje bo olosa lowo oku baba eni tiobo, oku baba eni tio bo x2
Beru bamo neuro amo opeda
Baba longbadura ki se ababa mo da
I will rule till thy kindom come
So your point of view is always welcome
Am making new news, am waking dead news
New changes are at bound o glory is crown
New story is out you could be taking
While i do the listening
Let me be the beginning of your own ending
I rule x4
Atiti oje bo olosa lowo oku baba eni ti of bo x2
Won bi iya eyan
Atiti oje bo olosa lowo oku baba eni ti of bo x4
Won bi iya eyan x3
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