Story (Skit) lyrics



Yeah lets go lets go this is serious
My name is bash am a comedian
I no get things to yarn to much
Its all about this hottest boy wey dey reign for music
You like am or not go to anywhere yu like
All is even better
I like to introduce to you this fantastic artist
Its not new introduction
Everywhere for my family the hottest music we dey hear now na 9ice
That guy he don sing
The guy no fat he slim
But bone the situation of the country he show for the guy body
Na still 9ice an thank you very much
And I go thank you too much it’s a normal thing
9ice keep it up and whеn you make am no forget me o
You gеt award remember dedicate am to me
If you no dedicate am God punish devil okay
Thank you very much as I bless 9ice, thanks
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