"Oh My"

Got It On Smash

[Chorus] - EL
Tatted, wrist
Money, kiss
Tempted bliss
Nothing exist

Got her number tatted on my wrist now oh my
Fall in love no fall into abyss now oh my
All the money I have for a kiss now oh my
Can’t resist temptations of her bliss now oh my

Liked my rings she licking on my fist now oh my
If I ask she gonna do the splits now oh my
Moving like a demon exorcist now oh my
Never thought nothing like this exist now oh my

[Bridge] – MIG
Let’s go dream, I’m not real what’s codeine? I wanna feel
Cut out the leash, bring out the lean, I might kneel I might kill

[Verse] – SD Levi
I’m tired of playing these games
Why do I keep on living this way
If you see my text & don’t reply, please don’t come to my face
I took an L then I added a V
My next ting peng she gon rock double Cs
She left her DNA right in my sheets
Like Metro Boomin, Levi got beats
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